Springboard meeting on UV detection

We were at the Institut Francais d’Ecosse in Edinburgh for a Springboard meeting between Ecole Centrale de Lyon and the University Strathclyde to lay out future directions of research on UV photodetectors.

The GOOD group at UK Semiconductor

The GOOD group travelled down to Sheffield for UK Semiconductor to present our latest research on Ga2O3. David was giving his first in-person presentation on the origin of the 3.8 eV luminescence line in Ga2O3, and Fabien was presenting his work on Ti contacts to Ga2O3. Fabien also gave a featured talk at the Ga2O3 Innovation Session on the opportunities and challenges of Ga2O3 devices.

Fabien receives Rank Prize Research Visionary Award

Fabien was down to London at the IET London: Savoy Place to share his vision for the future of UV optoelectronics and be presented the Rank Prize Research Visionary Award. The ceremony was hosted by science broadcaster Jim Al-Khalili.

Welcome Mugove

After a successful MSc project, Mugove Maruzane joined the GOOD group as a PhD student . In his PhD, Mugove will use the group’s EPMA to better understand Ga2O3 semiconductors, by combining optical, chemical and structural analysis of the materials.

Welcome Mugove!

Research Visionary Awards

Fabien receives a Research Visionary Award from the Rank Prize. He will take part in a tailored programme of workshops and one-to-one speaker and media training from Outsmart Insights to develop his vision on the future of UV optoelectronics.

Welcome to Zak, Kay and Abrar

Warm welcome to Zak Johnston, Kay Polland and Abrar Almutari who are joining us for the summer.
– Zak will be working on UV-vis spectrophotometry of Ga2O3
– Kay will study Ga2O3 using temperature dependent photoluminescence
– Abrar will investigate the optical properties of h-BN using UV-vis spectrophotometry